Gary Rosema lived in South Africa for 20 years, where he studied Architecture, Architectural Drawing, Interior Design, Carpentry, stone carving and metalwork.

He worked for four years in a artisan workshop manipulating materials such as resin, cement and bronze objects creating special effects for the film industry world and objects for architectural restoration. His maker background influences the quality of his artwork.

During the past 12 years has lived in various cities in Europe and now is living in Barcelona where he owns a construction work and boat refit company, while developing his personality as an artist and multidisciplinary creator.

The fundamentals of his designs and creations are inspired recycled or reclaimed architectural elements, using these materials to create functional art such as sculptures, lamps and furniture. Use objects and materials that have been used for other purposes to recreate into another object with a different use or function.

His designs depend on maintaining the original shape of the material and giving it a new value. He upcycles what is considered waste as an ecological statement, questioning consumption habits.

The style that defines him is “Rustic-Industrial”. The main materials he worked with are wood, glass, stone and metal, that are available anywhere in the world. This way he can make creations wherever he is travelling without losing the style.

  • Industrial

He is lately experimenting with light and sensor technologies combining them with organic sculptures and object findings (’objet trouvé’), creating functional artwork, like lamps that light when you pass your hand through it.

The idea of introducing led lights is to provoke people’s interaction with the sensuality of his artwork, creating a whole experience.

  • Love for Wood

Within Gary´s work and artwork you can identify his love for wood and its elegance. He is passionate in his creations and detailed oriented in the finishings creating a consistent work in any industry or environment he works with.